VRI Prescriptions


Custom-tailored prescriptions provide precision irrigation to enhance your agricultural productivity. Combined with Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI), you’ll get more out of every acre.

Your prescription is the precision agriculture resource that tells your center pivot when and where to adjust the application depth in specific sectors or management zones in your field.

Once implemented, your prescription makes it easy to adapt to changes in soil moisture conditions and modify how you apply water to your management zones throughout the growing season. If you see a change in conditions in part of your field, adjust your VRI prescription to vary water application in that specific zone. Your irrigation application can be highly customized to maximize not only results, but also profitability. We’re an authorized Valley Irrigation dealer providing high-quality parts and equipment in Nebraska.


  • A VRI prescription must be used with VRI Speed Control or VRI Zone Control to fully use either product
  • Your prescription allows the creation of a VRI plan based on your topography information, soil data maps, yield data and other user-defined field information
  • Upload your prescription remotely to your control panel via Valley BaseStation3™ or AgSense®
  • Your VRI prescription is designed for use on a consultant’s or farmer’s computer

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