VRI Zone Control


Available on both center pivots and linears, Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) Zone Control is ideal for maximizing your water application efficiency in more challenging fields. This includes: varying topography, ditches, bogs, varying soil types, and canals. By breaking your sprinkler package into zones, you can create more than 5,000 sectors in your field to micromanage water application – each based on your needs.

Valley VRI Zone Control technology improves precision irrigation to enhance your agricultural productivity. We’re an authorized Valley Irrigation dealer providing high-quality parts and equipment in Nebraska.


  • Customized management zones: Your field is divided into more than 5,000 management zones with optimized water application in every sector
  • Precise application depth: A customized VRI prescription is uploaded and creates a sprinkler control plan that pulses valves along the center pivot or linear zones to achieve your desired application depth
  • Flexible: Utilizes your new or existing sprinkler package
  • Adjustable for challenging areas: Can be used for on/off control for specific areas you may not want to water, such as ditches, canals, wet areas, or other spots in the field
  • Standard with any Valley ICON smart panel
  • Options: Available with any Pro2 control panel or AutoPilot Linear (for linears). VRI software upgrade required
  • Required hardware: VRI Zone Control box, VRI control panel hardware and control valves for each sprinkler that will be managed by VRI Zone Control

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